Rock Board

I created Rock Board in 2017.

  • The Rock Board can be powered from 12 to 24V DC. It is protected against reverse polarity. Filtered power supply.
  • There are 3 half-duplex serials that can be configured in RS485 or RS422.
  • For each serial it is possible to insert the bias resistors and the relative bus start/end resistors.
  • 48 outputs arranged on 2 levels. For each output there is a led that indicates the status.
  • 16 opto-isolated inputs that can be configured using the INPUT MODE jumpers. The inputs can be configured with on/off or powered.
  • 2 rotary switches
  • Ethernet + W5500
  • RTC + supercap
  • Alphanumeric I2C display 2 lines x 16 characters
  • Unique MAC Address ID
  • Unique 128bit ID
  • ATMEGA2560 Arduino chip (with USB programming and micro SD card connector) and/or AriaG25 Embedded Linux module (with 6 buttons)
  • Optional DIN rail enclosure

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